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Ryefield Distribution Boards

Ryefield Distribution Boards

Ryefield Distribution Boards are some of the most often bought distribution boards on the market. The UK manufacturer offers consumer units with a reputation for high quality - it is this reputation which makes the Ryefield brand one of the most popular in this niche.

Ryefield boards offer a robust electrical wiring solution for a multi dwelling residential settings. Ryefield boards are pre-approved by DNO LV boards to distribute power in houses for multiple occupation.

There are other distribution boards on the market, but Ryefield Engineering with its product provides the most cost-effective solution in the sector.

These boards are used mostly in conjunction with metering equipment distributing the power from the main cut-out to the dwelling meters providing separate protection for each circuit (dwelling).

Ryefield boards are produced in different capacity starting from basic 3 or 6 ways to more comprehensive 36 ways. For most demanding installation you can even place a special order for 42 or 48 ways board.

All boards are fabricated from 18g steel sheets with back of cases drilled and embossed for wall fixing and can be pre-fitted with either 60A or 100A service type fuse units. Their standard main brass clamps are adjustable to accept 25mm to 120mm stranded conductors and neutral clamp with pinching screw circuit terminals - one per fuse unit. The boards are incorporated with removable top and bottom plates as well as hinged front cover with padlocking attachment and a Multilock (key provided). 

Electrcials247 we are one of only a few retailers in the UK to offer the Ryefield Distribution Boards to purchase online.


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